Procedure to commission a portrait
  • A brief photo session is scheduled to meet the subject(s), take reference pictures, and discuss your expectations for the project (i.e. pose, size, time frame). While it is preferable to work exclusively from photographs taken at this session, in certain circumstances portraits may be done using pre-existing photos as reference.


  • A non-refundable deposit of at least 1/3 the estimated total is paid at this time.​


  • Portraits are completed based on the client's deadline (usually about 2-3 weeks for charcoal, 3-4 weeks for pastel, several months for oil). Every effort will be made to accommodate faster turnaround times if requested.


  • Balance is paid upon client's receipt of the finished artwork, or approval of a photograph of the work if it is being shipped.

Portrait Pricing
  • Listed below are starting prices for a single subject (person or pet). The total cost depends on the number of subjects depicted in the artwork(s). Prices include consultation, photo session/selection, and CT State Sales Tax.

  • Regardless of the number of subjects, please add a $50 Setup Fee per project (or "order").

  • Framing, travel, and/or shipping costs are additional and may be quoted upon request.

Media include:
charcoal / pastel / oil
charcoal / pastel / oil
Classic Portrait
Including head/collar
$275 / $450 / $900
Half Figure
Including arms/hands
$425 / $600 / $1300
Full Length Figure
Including legs/feet
$600 / $800 / $1700
Pet - Classic
Including head/collar
$275 / $450 / $900
Pet - Full Body Pose
Seated or Standing
$375 / $550 / $1300
i.e. if the subject is to be depicted in a landscape setting
add 50%
Landscapes - small
approx. 11 x 14 inches
$225 / $325 / $450
Landscapes - medium
approx. 16 x 20 inches
$350 / $550 / $800